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The secret to tasty, firm tofu

Ever wondered how restaurants serve up firm tofu that’s packed with flavour and a satisfying texture? It’s all about the press!

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Puts you in control

With the unique single-screw design you can get exactly the tofu texture you want for your recipe

Buy once, not twice

Made in England from food-grade engineering plastics, it’s built for a lifetime of use

Better tofu, quicker

Forget about marinading overnight - after a 15 minute press, your tofu will soak up marinade in seconds

A must-have for crispy tofu

Show your friends and family just how delicious tofu can be! Pressing the excess water out of your tofu firms up the texture and lets it soak up more of your delicious marinade.

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Unique design

The lattice pattern is designed to extract water efficiently without damaging the tofu block. It also allows water to escape from all sides, meaning drier tofu, quicker. No other tofu press offers this!

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Built to last

That Tofu Thing is unbreakable in normal use and will serve you for years to come. In the unlikely event that you do have a problem, we’ll replace it free of charge.

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