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Tofu recipes to inspire.

Tofu Milanese with Salsa Verde

A meat-free take on the traditional scallopine Milanese, made all the more delicious with a basil salsa.

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Jerk Tofu with Rice and Peas

The idea behind this came from a Jamaican lady at our local Farmers' market in South London, who cooks wonderful vegan versions of Caribbean classics.

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‘Chicken’ stir fry

A quick and easy supper for two, using a dual marinade to give a convincing chicken flavour

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Crispy tofu with honey-roasted broccoli

Get everything ready beforehand and be prepared to multi-task! The result is a fabulous combination of colour and flavour.

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Pad Thai

An Asian classic, and so easy to prepare!

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Seven go-to tofu marinades

Seven tofu marinades to get your creative juices flowing!

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