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Our Story

I designed That Tofu Thing when my partner and I started experimenting with Asian cuisine. We bought a tofu press but found it inefficient and difficult to control. The problem was the solid panels which meant that water could only escape from the edges of the tofu block, leaving the inside still soggy. So I bought another one, which worked on a different principle - like a rectangular bucket with holes. It quickly became apparent that there weren't enough holes to allow water out quickly, so it took ages to press the tofu. Eventually it broke.

So as a product designer by trade, I decided to make my own. Early prototypes performed nearly 40% better than the market leader in our tests in terms of water removed in a given time, so I took the plunge, invested my own money in tooling and production, and here we are! My ambition is to make the best, most efficient tofu press you can buy, and I really think this is it. I hope you agree!

All the best,

PS: As for the name? It came about when we were testing the prototype in a busy kitchen. We found ourselves saying, “Now, where did I put that tofu thing?” And so that's what we called it!